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Akumulatora lādētājs T-Charge 12 6-12V, Telwin

Nosaukums: Akumulatora lādētājs T-Charge 12 6-12V, Telwin
Kods: 807567_TELW
Kods: 8004897980454
Preču grupa: GQ
Cena: 65.33 EUR /
Multifunction, battery charger and maintainer for 6/12V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB batteries. The activation of the RECOVERY function allows for the recovery of sulphated batteries. Advanced specific functions for the charge and maintenance of batteries at low temperatures and of AGM batteries. Protections against overloads, shortcircuit and polarity reversal. Charging voltage - 6-12V Battery capacity: 2-70Ah Charging current - 6V, 12V/1A (motos), 12V/4A (autos). Weight - 0,6kg Dimensions - 170x65x35mm Input - 230V-1f Power consumption - 55W Equipped with cable with clamps and cable with eyelets.