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Aizsargapavi Dance 18L Ritmo, melni, S3 SRC 40, Sixton Peak

Nosaukums: Aizsargapavi Dance 18L Ritmo, melni, S3 SRC 40, Sixton Peak
Kods: 91195-18L-40_SIX
Kods: 8051772574246
Preču grupa: Darba apģērbs un darba apavi
Cena: 81.65 EUR / gab.

Weight: 480 gr. Upper: Full grain drummed leather Hydrotech, soft full grain leather. Removable insole: Soft-Fit. The upper part in Flyfit, directly in contact with the foot, means transpiration and comfort. The support in thermoformed EVA HD with large holes ensures correct posture and position of the foot. 3D Air circulation 320 gr lining. PU Dual-density SRC passed outsole with new formula, we have obtained a lighter and more comfortabe in-between insole. The new design of the outsole had superior performances compared with standard ones after slipping tests on wet surfaces. Aluminium toecap, zero perforation. Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control the ankle sideways movements, It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit. Working environment: Logistics and light Industry, finishing-off building, components and automotive, multipurpose. Size: 35-48.