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Koka virpa DM 1000T, Scheppach

Nosaukums: Koka virpa DM 1000T, Scheppach
Kods: 5902303901_SCHEP
Kods: 4046664069331
Preču grupa: Kokapstrādes darbgaldi
Cena: 203.16 EUR / gab.

The scheppach DM1000T wood lathe handles even big workpieces without any problem. The bed length of 1000 mm and the max diameter of 350 mm make you realize almost every project. Despite the big bed length, the machine is quite handy and fits in every workshop and with its 4 speeds it fits for every task perfectly. Dimensions L x W x H: 1460 x 210 x 360 mm Bed height: 175 mm Speed: 890 / 1260 / 1760 / 2600 rpm Spindle head thread: M 18 Max. Ø over bed: 350 mm Distance between centres: 1000 mm Weight: 22 kg Motor: 230 V Input: 400 W Scope of delivery: cast-iron horse with replaceable tips, adjustable backrest tools, face plate, front carrier with a removable cover