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Ripzāģis MKS 18 LTX 58 korpuss, MetaLoc, Metabo

Nosaukums: Ripzāģis MKS 18 LTX 58 korpuss, MetaLoc, Metabo
Kods: 600771840_MET
Kods: 4061792000544
Preču grupa: Elektroinstrumenti
Cena: 321.84 EUR /
bez akumulatora un lādētaja Regulējams griešanas augstums: 0 - 58 mm Max. griešanas augstums d 90°: 58 mm Diska diametrs: Ø 165 x 20 mm Svars: 3,7 kg Powerful cordless metal cutting circular saw with chip collection box for cold sawing of metals. Compatible with guide rails. Fast and precise cutting of tubes, profiles, channels, metal grids and sheets, free from sparks and burrs. With chip collection box for a clean working environment Robust saw with guard made from die-cast aluminium and stainless steel base plate Lower weight and compact, ergonomic design Viewing window in the guard for precise cutting guidance Cutting depth control, steplessly adjustable and without tools according to mm and inch scale Comfortable saw blade change with spindle lock Fast brake for highest safety with quick saw blade stop (< 1 sek) Precise straight cuts of metal grids, steel and profile sheets thanks to guide rail (accessory) Ultra-M technology: highest performance, gentle charging and 3 years of warranty on the battery pack. Komplektācija: Griezējripa (40 zobi), MetaLoc ieliknis, paralērā atdure / adapteris priekš darabam ar vadsliedi, atslēga MetaLoc koferis Bez akumulatora un lādētāja